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A few high thin white clouds over Ft. Worth on Sunday did nothing to keep
the heat down.  Temperatures almost made it to the century mark, but fell
one digit short.  If there was a breeze it was blowing out of the south at
no more than a mile or two as smoke from a car fire up on the hill to the
west of the Tower indicated.  There were 16 people at the Tower 55 location
in Ft. Worth, TX between the hours of 3:00 and a little after 7:00 p.m.

More progress to report on the freeway construction project of the I30 -
I35W.  The concrete guardrails look fro the most part to be completed
except for maybe one or two sections.  Surfacing work is continuing on the
far north side as the freeway ramps from I35 south to I30 are being worked

The construction type material that showed up on the southwest corner of
the wye at Tower 55 is still there for the Bowen project.

Power at the Tower:

Unit #        RR        Direction      Type of Train / AAR Reporting Marks

7485          SP        NB/WB          Mixed Freight (106 cars)
539          CR        3:13           BOXCARS GVSR, HS, RBOX, CN, TSE,
3972          UP                               ALAB, MP, GTW, CNW, CNA,
                                               NLG, SLR, COR
                                       HOPPERS UP, CRIX, LDCX, BN, GACX,
                                               PLCX, CAGX, GLCX, ACFX, RAIX,
                                               TLCX, NAHX, MP, CNW, SSW,
                                               MKT, ADMX, PTCX, TLDX, SCOX,
                                               UMP, PLCX, NCIX, CN, ATSF
                                       TANKCAR GATX, MGSX, UTLX, STSX, PLGX
                                       EMPTY LUMBER CHTT, CN, TTZX, WCRC
                                       BULKHEAD FLAT SSAM, CN, BN
                                       COIL CAR CR, NS

8119          BN        SB             Mixed Freight (71 cars)
7066          BN        3:28           BOXCARS BN, SLC, MRL, RBOX, AN
4291          HLCX      *              HOPPERS BN, PLCX, ACFX, ELTX, DBCX,
                                               PSPX, SHPX, UTCX, UMP, NAHX,
                                       GONDOLA BN
                                       TANKCAR UTLX, HPLX, GATX, PTLX, OCPX
                                       LUMBER CAR TTZX, SRY, MR
                                       BULKHEAD FLAT TTPX
                                       CABOOSE BN (12211)

134          UP        NB             Light Power
1646          UP        3:44

7303          SP        EB/NB          Mixed Freight (75 cars)
7787          SSW       3:45           BOXCARS CNW, MP, WP, CHTT, SP, RBOX,
7829          SP        **                     ELS, UP, D&RGW, HCGX
                                       FLATCAR UP
                                       HOPPERS MP, SP, NAHX, RUSX, CHVX,
                                               GVSR, UP, ATSF, TILX, D&RGW,
                                               CNW, CTRN, HLMX, MKT, UMP,
                                               PLMX,  ACFX
                                       GONDOLA UP
                                       TANKCAR GETX, UCLX, UTLX, ACFX, OFFX,
                                               CRGX, GATX, FLIX
                                       BULKHEAD FLAT CP

5859          MKM       SB             Mixed Freight (31 cars)
6744          BNSF      3:55           BOXCARS SSAM, BN, MSDR
                        ***            HOPPERS NCHX, BORX, ATSF
                                       GONDOLA CSS, IHB, GONX, ATSF, AM,
                                               DRIR, CAGY, CNW
                                       LUMBER CAR TTZX, HLSC

9704          UP        NB/WB          Light Power
8650          C&NW      4:04
9779          SP

2823          SF        EB/NB          Light Power
3682          SF        4:09

8041          SSW       EB/WB          Light Power
9751          SP        4:10
7811          SP

3180          UP        NB             Grain Train (24 cars)
4298B         UP        4:11           HOPPERS CNW, PLCX, MP, NAHX, UP,
4317B         UP                               TGSX, BN
3711          UP

  48          AMT       NB             Passenger Train 22
  73          AMT       4:16           1167 1264 Baggage Car, 39032
                                       Sleeper, 32011  Sleeping Car, 38015
                                       Dining Car, 33006 Sightseer Lounge
                                       Car, 31527 Coach Smoking Car,
                                       34091 34041 Coach Car, 32085 Sleeping
                                       Car, 71085 71008 71035 71141 71027
                                       71120 AMTK Express Car

316          SP        SB             Coal Train (102 cars)
7312          UP        4:25           HOPPERS CCTX
202          SP

8810          C&NW      SB             Coal Train (105 cars)
7075          UP        4:30           HOPPERS SATX
6553(R)       UP        ****

              AMT       SB/NB/EB       Passenger Train 22 (no changes)

5527          UP        EB             Mixed Freight (73 cars)
7880          SP        5:31           BOXCARS KCS, RBOX, CSXT, MSDR, HS,
223          UP                               CIRR, IC, NS, SOU, CNW, MP,
                                               GVSR, CN, ATW, BCIT, UP
                                       HOPPERS WC, UP, CNW, MP, ITLX, BN,
                                               UTCX, GACX, ANAX, GPLX, CHVX,
                                               ELTX, ACFX, SOO, CRDX, ALAX
                                       GONDOLA SP, DGNO
                                       TANKCAR UCLX, GATX, NATX, UTLX, PLCX
                                       COIL CAR ATSF, BNSF, BN

669          SF        NB             Mixed Freight (71 cars)
6421          GM        5:37           BOXCARS GVSR, SRN, CSXT, BN, MRL
7811          BN        *****          FLATCAR PBNE, BN
                                       HOPPERS BNSF, SFLC, LCEX, ATSF, BN,
                                               ACFX, PLCX, UMP, GFSX, PTLX,
                                               NRLX, PSPX, ALAX, NAHX, ECUX,
                                       TANKCAR PTLX, RCRX, PCHX, GATX, UTLX,
                                       EMPTY LUMBER BCOL

3678          UP        NB/WB          Light Power
4228          UP        6:02
9019          MPI
3075          D&RGW

1646          UP        SB/WB          MOW Ballast Train (5 cars)
134          UP        6:05

7447          SF        SB             Mixed Freight (58 cars)
5061          MKM       6:06           BOXCARS ALM, MP, AND, KCS, IATR,
7184          BN                               AMC, NLG, CCR, MDR, SP, LPN,
                                               ATSF, GM
                                       HOPPERS CRDX, ATSF, GACX, UTCX, ACFX,
                                               NAHX, EPAX, UTCX, BNSF, BN
                                       GONDOLA GONX, SMPX
                                       TANKCAR GATX, UTLX, NATX, ASTX, MBLX
                                       AUTO    ETTX (NS)

3075          D&RGW     EB/NB          Light Power
9019          MPI       6:10
4228          UP
3678          UP

  57          AMT       WB/SB/NB       Passenger Train 21
  64          AMT       6:24           1464 1719 Baggage Cars, 39027
  96          AMT                      Transition Sleeper, 32084 Sleeping Car,
  53          AMT                      38019 Dining Car, 33024 Sightseer
                                       Lounge Car, 31519 Coach Smoking,
                                       34051 34005 Coach Car, 32036 Sleeping
                                       Car, 71104 71204 71129 71163 71127
                                       71113 71099 71009 71139 71189 71185
                                       AMTK express car

5548          UP        WB             Z Train (34 cars)
8296          SP        6:31           FLATCAR CP, APLX, DTTX, ATSF, SP
                                       COFC    DTTX, IATR, TTAX, CP, NTTX,
                                               VTTX, CN, APLX
                                       TOFC    RTTX, TTAX, TILX, TTLX
                                       WELL CAR SP

9520          UP        EB             Z Train (53 cars)
8385          SP        6:38           COFC    DTTX, RTTX, NTTX, VTTX, CP
3270          UP                       TOFC    CNW, RTTX, HS, MNA, WE, KTTX,
                                               TTGX, TTLX, TTAX, FEC, TTWX,
                                               NTTX, NS, VTTX, TTWX, TILX,
                                               TTAX, CRLE, KCS, MNA

  57          AMT       SB/NB/WB/EB/NB Light Power

6660          UP        NB             Coal Train (110 cars)
7062          UP        7:00           HOPPERS GEAX, CWEX
8201          UP
8059          UP
8014(R)       UP

              AMT       SB             Passenger Train 21 (changes)
                        7:10           64, 96 AMT was the power and only one
                                       express boxcar 71104.

*  What s this two weeks in a row for caboose s.  This one was in mid train
and the HLCX unit was wearing CN colors.

** A white tankcar with a red band around the middle displaying a builders
date of 4/98.

*** There were 7 black gondolas all showing a builders date of 4/98.

**** Some shinny hoppers among the duller aluminum colored hoppers with the
Red ends for SATX that were built back in 12/97.

***** Add three more white tankcars with a Rust Stripe around the middle
for the RCRX with a date of 6/98.

Was making plans for this weekend to do a little R&R (Railfan & Research) in
the Shrevport, LA area.  And I thought to myself it would be nice to take a
little train trip over to Marshall, Tx, rent a car and drive on over to
Shrevport.  But alas, after I made my reservations with Amtrak, and started
checking on car rental places I started hearing some discouraging words.
We cannot guarantee that anybody will be there to meet the train if it is
running late.  Our office here in Marshall closes at 6 p.m.  So I checked
Texarkana figuring I could drop down from there to Shreveport.  No Luck.
Now I am really starting to get worried because the days that I started
doing all this planning Amtrak 22 was running so late that it was not due
into Marshall until 11 p.m.  So I call Amtrak back and get another rude
awakening from an equally rude Amtrak employee after explaining my concerns
and inquiring about the bus connection to Shreveport, La I was told that it
was a common carrier and there would be no guarantee that it would wait for
Amtrak either.  Well so much for plan A & B.  Now I move into plan C & D
which will call for me to determine on the day of travel if we will use
Amtrak or not.  If Amtrak is not on time we drive.  Nothing to do with
money.  Just poor

Do not know what happened to the Light Rail this evening but trains that
are normally 10 minutes apart were arriving one right after the other from
the downtown area.  Do know that there was a service problem on the
Commuter Rail that involved one of their generators.  This caused them to
miss the 6:05 departure from Union Station.  Compounding this problem was
the arrival of Amtrak 22.  See above.  And the return trip was just as bad
with signal problems all the way from Union Station to South Irving.  But
to their credit, we were kept informed of what was going on and did
eventually make it into South Irving without too much grumbling.

Guess we are coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the congestion problem
of the UP.  For what it s worth.  Looks like a repeat of last year as the
problems are still the same.  And what UP is throwing at it, to be frank is
too little, too late.  Just hope that there is not as great a loss of life
as last year.

Until we visit again, be safe and may your wheels keep spinning.

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