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The BNSF Gulf Division is currently expanding with a 25 mile segment being added just North of Teague outside of Kirvin to the Big Brown Power Plant In Fairfield. This line will also connect with the UP Around Wortham. More info will be posted about this project and some pictures if I can get some taken.


Teague, Texas

Corsicana, Texas

Radio Frequencies On The Gulf Divsion

161.100 (Road Channel 1 - Ft. Worth - Teague - Houston; Ex CB&Q Trackage

160.410 (Shared Trackage With UP ex MKT) BNSF Controls BNSF Movements Now

160.620 PBX (Corsicana)

160.485 (North Yard Switching, Teague Yard Switching)

BNSF Gulf Divisions Corsicana, Texas Pictures

BNSF Gulf Divsion Teague, Texas Pictures

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Coming Soon ... History Of The Gulf Division ...